In The Relational Workplace, authors Dr. Saliha Bava and Mark Greene draw on decades of organizational, systems, and communication theory, research, and philosophy, to help us create more fully connected working lives. Bava and Greene have written a playful, accessible, and deeply impactful resource for co-creating human connection, especially across the vast range of intersectional differences that define our global human family.

As organizations institutionalize much needed anti-oppression, diversity, equity and inclusion (ADEI) policies, including diverse hiring practices, anti-racism training, equitable pay policies, family leave and more, employees are confronting a fundamental gap. It is the gap between crucially important organization-wide ADEI initiatives and the individual challenges we all face creating inclusive relationships in our daily workplace interactions and conversations.

In The Relational Workplace, Bava and Greene offer a wide range of capacities and frames for fostering our relational intelligence, making a powerful case for how relational practices can help grow ADEI cultures.

Learn how to Listen with CuriosityConsider ContextStay PlayfulHold UncertaintyAsk QuestionsReframe Our Stories and more. Explore The Relational Discursive Loop, Man Box Culture Choice Point, and Culture of Curiosity as Shared Inquiry, powerful systemic frames for positive organizational ADEI transformation.

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